The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PTC

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PTC
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You might notice a bit of a theme happening with my posts lately, and that’s because I’ve been looking at a lot of paid-to-click (PTC) Bitcoin websites to see what they have to offer.

I decided to pen this article after trialling a decent amount of different sites so in an effort to collect my findings all in one place. My hope is that I can help steer you in the direction of the legitimate sites and keep you clear of the bogus ones. I’ll expand this list as I trial new sites and have results to share.

Legit Sites

Rather than focusing on the negative scam sites, first we’ll take a look at the ones that have proven themselves legit.


A well-established, long-term player offering both traditional faucet and PTC ads for earning. Decent pay rates for viewing ads that add up quickly to meet their minimum payout levels. You earn in their “coins” which roughly translate into similar satoshi amounts

  • BTC Wallet Direct: 100,000 coins
  • FaucetHub Wallet: 35,000 coins
  • DOGE Wallet: 50,000 coins

How quick you can earn the minimum amount is mostly up to you. Between the faucet, PTC ads, offerwall earnings, and other methods you can potentially earn the 35,000 coins for FaucetHub fairly quick.

Cointiply Payment Proof
Cointiply Payment Proof (FaucetHub)



adBTC is a long established pay-to-click (PTC) website with a low (4000 satoshi) payout minimum when paying to FaucetHub. Quick way to earn lots of Bitcoin for minimal effort. Check out our full review of adBTC here.

There are plenty of ads to click on, with lots of new ones appearing throughout the day meaning your balance grows quickly. It took us only about 1 week of visiting a few times each day to achieve the minimum payout. Payouts can take up to 3 weekdays. Highly recommended site.

adBTC Payment Proof
adBTC Payment Proof (FaucetHub)

Website: sprung up after FaucetHub stopped it’s micro-wallet service and provides much of the same services that FaucetHub used to. One of the many things they’ve added since starting is Paid-to-Click earning direct on their site.

They are a trusted service among faucet owners and users alike, and we definitely recommend them as we’ve not had any issues earning or receiving payouts. Check out our How To Guide for creating an account.



While there’s not heaps of advertisements to click on their site at the time of writing, there is enough to make it worth the while to visit each day. With the added benefits of instant, on demand withdrawal this is definitely a PTC site that’ll be in my daily list of faucets to visit.

Cryptotrads Payment Proof
CryptoTrAds Payment Proof (FaucetHub)


Kickass Traffic

Like others I’ve reviewed so far there aren’t a heap of ads to click on each day, but the ones they do have can pay really well. It took me a little over a week to reach the minimum payout level (2000 sats) which I bumped over easily by utilising their offerwall options. Payment proof below.

Payment to FaucetHub was instantaneous when requested.

Payment Proof (



Why is this a scam? If you know the old expressions of “if it looks too good to be true, it is” then you’ll see why this apply to this scam site. First off, their PTC rate is way higher than every legit site I’ve seen. Not a little, but anywhere from 50 – 100 times more. That’s the first red flag right there.

Second up, their faucet. When everyone else is paying maybe 10-20 satoshis, I’m supposed to believe they’re just giving me 1,440 satoshi per day? Come on.

Then there are the payout hoops, the rules of which they conveniently obscure. Fortunately I read their TOS and discovered that while they claim “payouts from 1 satoshi”, you actually need to have clicked a minimum of 100 ads. The other bit they don’t tell you up front is that you also need 10 active referral users which:

Active referrals are counted only for active members calculated by our secret algorithm.

Quoted from their TOS

LOL – counted by a secret algorithm huh? So between their “secret algo” and this gem:

All members on this website have the possibility to withdraw money but we deserve to not pay members if our earnings are less that the expenses or for any reason.

Weasel words if ever I’ve read them. They’re basically straight up telling you they won’t pay you.

Summary: Stay well clear of this site! 100% scam.

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