Got something you want to share? We’re always on the lookout for well-written crypto related news stories or information pieces to publish. Maybe it’s a media release about your ICO, a new crypto coin or service you’re launching, or an op-ed piece on interesting happenings in the world of crypto. Maybe you’ve written something great for your blog and want to get yourself known. If it’s anything to do with crypto, then we’d like to help you get it out there!

How We Can Help

Get eyes of crypto fans on your story or media release right now by publishing with Crypto News Direct. Submit your story to us and once we’ve checked it is suitable it’ll be live for everyone to see!

Send your work (Word docx format preferred) to [email protected] along with high-res versions of any images (at least 1 image is required) for your story. Use the following checklist to make sure you’ve got everything ready:

  • Your name (or alias) so we can correctly attribute your news story.
  • Your URL so people can find out more about you. This can be your website, Twitter, Facebook, whatever! (Not mandatory but recommended)
  • A great attention-grabbing title for your story.
  • Post Tags – Keywords you believe best represent what your story is about. No more than 10 tags will be accepted.
  • A feature image for your story. This will appear at the top of the story and as a preview image on the homepage. Image should be high quality and be anywhere from 1100x500px and up. Images smaller than these dimensions may not be accepted. Large rectangles or squares are what we’re after.
  • Finally, your proof-read and typo-free story!

We review all submissions for suitability as quickly as possible. If there is a publishing embargo, please note this as the first line in the body of your story, and we will schedule it accordingly.