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Reading Time: 2 minutes is a site I found recently and decided to give it a go for the sake of research… and free Bitcoins of course! So as the name suggests this is a “Clicker” style game, essentially an easy-to-play game you can play while doing other things.

It’s a virtual mining game where you start out with the beginner level cave where you can mine for stone and coal, which can be traded for in-game currency of MCC (MoneyClickerCoin). This can then be spent on upgrading your account with options like:

  • Increased drop rate – more resources found when you find them.
  • Offline miners – earn while you’re not logged in.
  • Energy restoration.
  • Mine upgrades – higher level mines drop more valuable items.
  • …and heaps of others.

Registration is quick via your email address and you’re ready to start mining. There’s a signup bonus (at the time of writing this was $0.15) with payouts starting as $0.50 for FaucetHub with direct Bitcoin payments and PayPal also available.

Game Play

Very easyto play, simply click the “Mine” button and you’ll be told if you found anything. About every 10 times you do this you need to stop for a “commercial break” – a short link you need to follow to visit an advertiser before you can mine more.

Ad levels are adjustable from Normal, Annoying, and Very Annoying – the latter giving 4x reward payouts for the hassle of getting more annoying ads.

It’s an “idle” game which means you can play it without paying it a whole lot attention. When I run it, I usually have it open on one screen while I’m doing something else, so just click the button and go back to what I’m doing.


I’ve only just started playing this game so cannot yet confirm if they actually payout. When I googled the question, I found multiple examples of payouts, however until I see coins I’ve personally withdrawn I reserve my opinion on that.

So far it seems that meeting the minimum $0.50 requirement will take quite a lot of game-play. So far every MCC I’ve earned through the game I’ve plowed back into it to upgrade my mining capabilities.

I’ll update this review when/if I make it to that point and include any payment proofs I get.


Click here to visit their website and start earning. I’d love to see your comments about this site, so leave them below if you’ve got something to share.


Decided to stop trying to earn anything through this site. While it’s possible that one day I could reach enough for a withdrawal, the sheer volume of ads when compared to the payout ratio is just to high for me to bother with. I have since moved on to other PTC style sites that offer quicker rewards for much less mucking around.

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