Making Money with Crypto

Making Money with Crypto
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Let’s face it – more money is always better to have than less money. So how can crypto help? In this article I’ll be outlining a bunch of different ways I’ve made money with crypto that cost me little more than my time so maybe I can inspire you to do the same.

Of course, not all ways will pave the way to financial independence, but many offer steady income to augment what you’ve already got. Maybe you’ll only earn enough each week to take your family out for a nice meal, but maybe that’s all you’re after. Making money takes time and occasionally exposing yourself to some risks, but with time and planning you can minimise or remove these barriers and be on your way to making money with crypto.

So rather than looking at the usual ways – buying crypto for cash, mining crypto, day trading etc – let’s look at how to earn crypto without outlaying any money. There are a number of quick ways to earn crypto, such as:

  • Faucets – Claiming small amount of crypto from sites that give it away for free.
  • PTC (Paid-to-Click) – Getting paid crypto to visit websites.
  • Games – Playing games and virtual mining simulators to earn coins.
  • Offer Walls – Completing surveys, watching videos, installing apps.
  • Staking – Using Proof of Stake coins to earn more coins.
  • Masternodes – Getting paid to validate blockchain transactions.


The quickest way to get your hands on some crypto is by using faucet sites. There are thousands of faucets sites out there all giving away free crypto. Faucets give out small quantities of crypto for free, usually in return for vising their website that they’ve loaded with adverts. It can take some time and effort to accumulate crypto this way, but every bit adds up and eventually you’ll find you’ve got a nice stash.

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PTC (Paid-to-Click)

PTC sites typically offer faster earning than just claiming from faucets as advertisers will normally be paying more to get direct clicks through to their website. You can earn crypto by clicking on a link and visiting a website for an agreed amount of time (anywhere usually from 5 seconds to a minute). The longer you need to stay on the site the more crypto you tend to earn.

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Similar to how faucet websites work, game sites will typically let you earn small amounts of crypto as you play their game. Unlike faucets, the appeal of these sites is that they are more engaging than just simply asking for crypto and getting it. As you play games you’re helping them earn money from advertisers, so the longer you play the more they earn, and the more you accumulate. Check out:


Offer Walls

Now we’re getting to some good earners. Offer walls are usually part of faucets sites to add different ways for you to earn. Offers can be almost anything, but usually fall into three main categories:

  • Installing apps / games
  • Watching videos
  • Completing surveys

How much you can earn can vary wildly from a few cents to $10 or more depending on what you need to do. Personally, my favourite is completing surveys as I enjoy the process of giving my opinion and helping shape products and services of the future.

By spending an hour or so most evenings, I’ve found I’ve easily earned over 200,000 satoshi (around ~$20 USD at time of writing) some weeks. This could have been higher too if I’d filled in even more surveys, but I don’t want to spend all my free time doing this.

Some of my favourite sites with high-paying Offer Walls are:



Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coins are an alternative to Proof of Work (mining) cryptos. Once you’ve got some PoS coins, you can “stake” them in your wallet. Staking helps to secure the blockchain, and you get rewarded for doing this. Similar to running a masternode but requires less collateral. Some PoS coins you’re probably familiar with are:

  • Dash
  • Neo
  • NavCoin
  • VeChain
  • Lisk
  • DigitalNote

Rewards vary from crypto to crypto, but a general rule of thumb is the more you have staked the more often you’ll earn staking rewards. Keep your wallet online and your coins staked to increases your chances.

I’m a big fan of PoS coins and am frequently trading any Bitcoin I’ve earned for more coins to add to my stake.



This is the next step up from staking when you’re holding a big bag of Proof-of-Stake coins. Once you’ve got enough collateral (ie enough crypto) you can start your own masternode and begin earning block rewards for being a masternode. Rewards will of course vary but can be more predicatable as often you’ll be competing against fewer users than you would be when you’re staking.

Dash for example requires 1000 Dash to be locked away to secure your masternode, whereas it takes much less to simply stake.

Masternodes can take more effort to set up and maintain if you’re doing it yourself, however one service we’ve used in the past is Trittium. This handy service does the hard work for you by setting up a virtual server and the masternode wallet for a small monthly fee. You lock in your coins on your PC to the masternode address (keeps your funds nice and safe) and you’re masternode is ready. The whole process can take minutes.

They also offer an “instant” masternode service where you can “buy in” to a partial node. So if you’ve only got some of the required collateral you can be a part owner of a masternode. Check out their website for more information.


Wrap Up

So there you have it! A bunch of different ways of getting crypto for nothing (or close to nothing) with varying degrees of effort and very little risk. What are some of your favourite ways to earn crypto? Let us know in the comments below!

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