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How to Play Febbit
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Febbit is a fun, easy to play Bitcoin mining simulator that pays out in real Bitcoin. You play as Feb, (one half of the Feb / Bit combo, Bit being the robot) who spends his 8-bit days mining for crypto.

You start off with the most basic of equipment, but as you earn more credits, dust, Febbit (in-game currency), and satoshi you can upgrade the chips in your mining rig. There are nine slots you can fill in any combination you like to best suit your style of play.

You can also upgrade your chips using the elusive “dust”. Be warned though, upgrading is expensive on resources and chips so can take a while before you can do this.


Don’t like checking in all the time? You’ll probably want to upgrade your capacitors and batteries. Want to earn fast credit? Overclockers and thermal regulators are what you’ll need, but you will need to check in more often.

Be sure to regularly drop by the shop and see what wares are on offer. You can spend your credits / Febbits on things like cache’s, dust, and inventory upgrades. What is on offer changes at random every three hours (or on demand for a 5 Febbit fee).

Pro Tip

Cache’s often contain items of a higher “MK” (mark) than the cache indicates. For example, a MK1 cache (green) can often yield blue-coloured chips (MK2 and MK3), sometimes even purple (MK4) or yellow (MK5).

I’ll admit I get a bit of a rush when I open a green cache and strike it lucky with a yellow chip.

Chip Configuration

The game really is quite configurable to suit your preferred method. This is my setup at the time just before I wrote this:

Febbit Setup

Currently this suits my style of play. I’ve got 3 x level 100 CPUs for mining grunt, 2 x thermal regulators and 1 x capacitor to let me mine longer while overclocked. 1 x level 120 battery also helps with this.

You’ll notice I’m also running 2 x overclockers but they’re both only level 1. You may be wondering why haven’t I upgraded these.


A level 1 overclocker gives me a 105% mining boost, but reduces boost time by 115%. I’ve also got a level 25 overclocker which gives me a 245% mining boost, but also makes boost time last a massive 10,844% less.

So plus 240% to mining power but minus 10,800% to duration? Those numbers just don’t add up for me. Yes, I could get a few more credits using the higher power overclocker but I’d also need to check in multiple times every hour to restart the boost.

By using the level 1’s in the combination above, Feb can mine for hours and hours without me needing to check in. This suits me and my style of play.

Weekly Events

The best strategy I’ve found for the weekly events is not to be in a rush. For example: Sure, you might have finally got enough chips, dust, and credits together to upgrade a chip to the next MK level.

The weekly events can give you a huge boost to your stockpiles. Here’s one that I’ve just completed:

Febbit Weekly Task Completed

I had enough chips to complete this challenge before it had started, but because I’ve been playing a while and the weekly tasks rotate through a set variety, I knew if I waited to upgrade my chips I’d be better rewarded.

By holding off and completing the challenge you can see what rewards I received. 1,700 Febbit, 120,000 credits, 20 MK3 chips, and 1 one big juicy yellow MK5 chip. Now thanks to the challenge my mining rig setup looks like this:

Febbit Mining Rig After Upgrades

Earning Satoshi

Satoshi accumulates while your miner (Feb) is mining and is payable once you’ve got more than 1,000 satoshi. Payouts are direct to FaucetHub.io so make sure you’ve got an account with them and easy to set up if you don’t. Other options are listed but are not available at time of writing.

Looking over the last few weeks of earnings I can see I’ve requested a payout every 3 to 4 days on average. I typically cash out once I tick over 1,200 satoshi.

Payment Proof

Here’s a screen grab of the payment I received today.

Febbit Payment Proof
Febbit Payment Proof

Note: Since this payment proof was taken, FaucetHub has ceased to operate as a microwallet service. Febbit have yet to update their payment options so payments are not currently possible, but I’m assuming this will be updated soon.

Just a quick note on payments. I’ve noticed the occasional post on their subReddit about there being no funds for payout. Yes, we’ve noticed this happen from time to time too. The developers are very active in the Reddit community and always respond quickly to questions as well as responding quickly to top up their balance.

This is certainly something we do not hold against them as we’ve seen it happen with many faucets. Everyone needs to sleep so occasionally the wallet will be dry until it can be topped up again. The fact they do keep refilling it and you can get paid out is the key.

Wrap Up

Is it the highest paying faucet out there?

No, but the satoshi you are rewarded is generous by many standards and pays out instantly on demand to FaucetHub. It doesn’t take too long to reach the minimum payout level.

Is it an easy way to earn some free Bitcoin that’s fun and different to run-of-the-mill faucet sites?

You bet.

Do I recommend spending some time playing it?

Absolutely. I have been playing for months and enjoy the challenge of getting the chip balance just right and gathering the resources to upgrade our mining rig. Check it out today!

Website: Febbit.com

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