FaucetHub How To Guide

Note: As of December 2019 FaucetHub will be discontinuing the majority of it’s services and undergoing a rebranding. We will update this article once more is known of what the future holds for the crypto faucets and other sites that rely on this service.

FaucetHub How To Guide

This is a short guide on how to set up and use a FaucetHub.io account. FaucetHub provides an online wallet for when you claim satoshi (and other alt coins) from faucet websites. This way faucets can transfer small amounts of satoshi to you without you losing anything in transaction fees. Once you’ve claimed enough into your FaucetHub wallet, you can then withdraw it to your regular wallet.


Registration is quick and easy. Simply go here and click the Signup link to start. Fill in the details to register, including your current Bitcoin wallet address and email. Email is required to secure your account.

Link Your Wallets

Once you’ve confirmed your email address and logged in, you can link other wallet addresses so you claim from alt-coin faucets. If you just want to claim Bitcoin, you’re already good to do.

Link Wallet Addresses Here

When you visit faucet sites that pay to FaucetHub they’ll ask you to enter the Bitcoin address of your FaucetHub account. If your wallet address ever changes you can add your new address to your FaucetHub account.

Earn Crypto

Now you’re ready to earn! Check out our list of trusted faucets to get you started. We’ve personally claimed from each one (and regularly re-check) to make sure they pay out. Here are our favourite Bitcoin faucets.

  • Bit Fun ►
    • High-paying faucet. Claim Bitcoin every 5 minutes. Satoshi builds up quickly at first then slows down.
  • Bonus Bitcoin ►
    • Claim Bitcoin every 15 minutes plus a 5% daily bonus. The more often you claim, the bigger the daily bonus.
  • Moon Bitcoin ►
    • Claim Bitcoin every 5 minutes. Part of the Coinpot network of faucets. Claim crypto from any of their faucets and earn bonus tokens to enter lotteries or convert for more crypto.
  • Cointiply ►
    • Claim once per hour. Payout in “coins” which can be paid out in Bitcoin or Dogecoin.
  • Free Bitcoin ►
    • Claim a randomly selected amount of Bitcoin once per hour plus earn lottery tickets and reward points towards free stuff.
  • adBTC ►
    • A well established pay-to-click (PTC) website with a low (4000 satoshi ) payout minimum. Quick way to earn lots of Bitcoin for minimal effort. Check out our review here or their website.


Once you’ve claimed enough coins to meet the minimum withdrawal amount (20,000 sats for Bitcoin), you can submit a withdrawal request to any of your linked addresses. These are batched and processed every Sunday (helps save on transaction fees) so your coins will hit your wallet soon after.


FaucetHub is an easy site to use that opens up literally hundreds of Bitcoin and alt-coin faucets for you. Sign up is easy and they a long-trusted member of the crypto-community. We highly recommend their service.

Website: FaucetHub.io