CryptoTrAds Review

CryptoTrAds Review
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I’ll admit I was a little sceptical of this pay-to-click (PTC) website when I first stumbled upon it. Whenever I find a new site, I always check out reviews on Google and this one had a few “SCAM” warnings, but I pushed on to check it out for a number of reasons:

  1. The screenshots I could find didn’t look anything like the site I was on and,
  2. They pay instantly, on demand to once you reach the minimum.

So whatever problems they may have had in the past, they look to have addressed these and reinvented their site. A few clicks later and I had a small balance of Bitcoin in my account, so I could then test the withdrawal.

It came through instantly to FaucetHub, so I think it’s safe to say CryptoTrAds have certainly been working hard to fix their reputation.

Potential Earnings

There’s not heaps of advertisements to click on their site at the time of writing, but there is enough to make it worth the while to visit each day. With the added benefits of instant, on demand withdrawal this is definitely a PTC site that’ll be in my daily list of faucets to visit.

Payment Proof

Cryptotrads Payment Proof
Cryptotrads Payment Proof (FaucetHub)

This is the most recent payout I’ve received. Earnings from the PTC ads as well as offerwall earnings.

A Note on Offerwalls

I have mostly stuck to the PTC earning model on the website, but I did try a couple of the offers available and haven’t seen any points from them. There is a note saying larger value offerwall payments are held for up to 30 days, so I guess we’ll see if they show up. I will update this article if these points ever do so show up.

Update: I did end up receiving offerwall earnings. Not sure what the holdup was but I’ve claimed more since the first time and they arrived in the pending points area as expected.

Wrap Up

Reinventing their website to shake off problems from the past has turned this into a nice daily earner. Well recommended for PTC and am looking forward to earning more BTC as their advertising base expands.


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