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Earn $5 USD in Bitcoin 0

Get $5 USD in Bitcoin

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’re looking for people with a passion for crypto who can write interesting articles for our site. If you can write a minimum of 500 words on anything to do with crypto that would appeal to our users then here’s your chance to earn real Bitcoin paid direct to your wallet. We’re looking for intelligent, interesting, original articles of at least 500 words on any subject you find interesting enough to write about. So long it’s crypto related then we’re ready to read it, and so are our users!

Making Money with Crypto 0

Making Money with Crypto

Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s face it – more money is always better to have than less money. So how can crypto help? In this article I’ll be outlining a bunch of different ways I’ve made money with crypto that cost me little more than my time so maybe I can inspire you to do the same. Making money takes time and occasionally exposing yourself to some risks, but with time and planning you can minimise or remove these barriers and be on your way to making money with crypto.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PTC 0

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PTC

Reading Time: 4 minutes You might notice a bit of a theme happening with my posts lately, and that’s because I’ve been looking at a lot of paid-to-click (PTC) Bitcoin websites to see what they have to offer. I decided to pen this article after trialling a decent amount of different sites so in an effort to collect my findings all in one place. My hope is that I can help steer you in the direction of the legitimate sites and keep you clear of the bogus ones. I’ll expand this list as I trial new sites and have results to share.

CryptoTrAds Review 0

CryptoTrAds Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ll admit I was a little sceptical of this pay-to-click (PTC) website when I first stumbled upon it. Whenever I find a new site, I always check out reviews on Google and this one had a few “SCAM” warnings, but I pushed on to check it out for a number of reasons: 1 – The screenshots I could find didn’t look anything like the site I was on and, 2 – They pay instantly, on demand to

Easy Earning Bitcoin with adBTC 0

Easy Earning Bitcoin with adBTC

Reading Time: 2 minutes As far a Paid-to-Click (PTC) websites go, adBTC is by far one of the easiest I’ve found to use. I’ve only been using for a day or so at the time of writing, but so far I’ve not had any issues. PTC websites pay users a small amount of Bitcoin satoshi to view a website. Advertisers sign up with sites like adBTC to get visitors to their website. They then split their fee with the users who visit the site, and that’s all there is to it.

Charging Bull 0

Bullish on Crypto

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s no secret that the wide-scale use crypto is still to come. Sure, there are more places now than ever before that’ll accept Bitcoin and a handful of other coins, but there are magnitudes more who don’t. Cryptocurrencies no doubt one day will become as ubiquitous as cash and as easily recognised and accepted by the public at large, and to help it get that way there are a number of things everyone can do.

How to Play Febbit 0

Febbit – Bitcoin Game and Strategy Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes Febbit is a fun, easy to play Bitcoin mining simulator that pays out in real Bitcoin. You play as Feb, (one half of the Feb / Bit combo, Bit being the robot) who spends his 8-bit days mining for crypto. You start off with the most basic of equipment, but as you earn more credits, dust, Febbit (in-game currency), and satoshi you can upgrade the chips in your mining rig. There are nine slots you can fill in any combination you like to best suit your style of play.

Increase Your Crypto Balance with Crypto-cost Averaging 0

Increase Your Crypto Balance with Crypto-Cost Averaging

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s get one thing out of the way – I’m somewhat of a cryptoholic. Whenever I can, I’m buying my favourite coins or exchanging other cryptos for it. I’ve a diverse range of coins I follow, but only a few I’m holding tight and growing their balance. This is a method I use to grow the wallet balances.

Free Crypto 0

How to Get Free Crypto

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you’re new to crypto things can quickly overwhelm you. New terms and acronyms to learn, new markets to follow, new coins every day competing for a share of your attention. What can you do to cut through the FUD and minimise the FOMO without getting in over your head in fiat debt? Free crypto can get you started without any money, and here’s how you can get it.